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Acadia National Park Travel Guide

Acadia National Park

Vacationing in Acadia National Park turns you into a pioneer: Each trail leads to rugged, untouched land just waiting to be captured by your camera lens. Cobalt waves crash on the jagged granite slabs topped with spruce trees that jut out from the shore. Harbor seals sun themselves on abandoned chunks of bedrock off the coast as peregrine falcons scream down at you from the skies. Rocky crag-filled trails and rustic carriage roads thread around ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Acadia National Park

The best time to visit Acadia National Park is September through early October, after the summer crowds have left but before the temperatures drop below freezing. Visiting in March, April, and May can be soggy—fog and rain are common—so you'll need to pack your waterproof gear. The weather is pleasant come July and August, but it's by far the most crowded season for the park. The park is near abandoned in winter but it's the perfect time to visit for the dedicated adventure traveler ready to brave the freezing temperatures.

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Getting Around Acadia National Park

The best way to get around Acadia National Park is on foot. With 125 miles of historic trails made for hiking, Acadia is the perfect place to ditch the car and get outdoors. To reach the park, you can hop on the Island Explorer, a free summer shuttle service that transports passengers from Green Village, Bar Harbor to a variety of park destinations. Should you prefer your own set of wheels, you can rent a car at one of the nearby airports, including Bangor International Airport (BGR), located just an hour's drive from the park, and Hancock County Airport (BHB), located just 10 miles outside of Acadia. Guided tours and ranger-led programs are also available.

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