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Tony Knowles Coastal Trail free

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Photo info
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  • Type: Parks and Gardens, Recreation
  • Time to Spend: 2 hours to Half Day
Overall Rating: 4.5 (4.6)
Value: 5.0 (5.0)
Facilities: 0.0 (N/A)
Atmosphere: 4.5 (4.5)
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For a family-friendly outdoor excursion, grab your camera and hit the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Winding its way from the downtown area past the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum to Kincaid Park, this 11-mile paved path is perfect for biking, rollerblading, cross-country skiing and strolling. If you're visiting during the summer, keep your eyes peeled over Cook Inlet for beluga whales, while winter trail-blazers should look out for moose in Kincaid Park.

Many recent visitors hail this trail as the best site in Anchorage, but they also offer a few words of advice. As one TripAdvisor user writes, "Be sure to give yourself plenty of time (the bike shop told us the trail would be about 3 hours round trip), but if you do it at a leisurely pace and take lots of pictures, it will take much longer."

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is free and open to the public throughout the year. For more information, check out the trail's website.

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