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Although Bermuda consists of many islands, its largest island (a 21-square-mile J-shaped mass that's also called Bermuda) is where most visitors spend their time. The main island is divided into regions known as parishes. The airport is located on the east (in St. George's parish), many of the resorts are down south (in Southampton, Warwick, Pembroke and Paget parishes), and the most restaurants, nightlife and lodging is concentrated in the center of the island, in the capital of Hamilton.


Picturesque Sandys parish as something special. Hilly and lush, it's the home of Somerset Long Bay, the largest public beach in the west end.


Though it lacks the intimacy of Sandys, Southampton parish is perfect for those looking for Bermuda's trademark pink beaches -- namely, the popular Horseshoe Bay. This southwestern parish is also good for sightseeing and golfing.


Centrally located on Great Bermuda Island, travel writers say that Warwick parish is famous for Warwick Long Bay's blush sand and horseback riding excursions. Those looking to save money on a Bermuda vacation will also find several apartment rentals here.


Just south of Bermuda's capitol, Hamilton, Paget is home to the Botanical Gardens and a favorite, Elbow Beach. The region's flat terrain makes it perfect for biking, and there are a handful of seaside hiking trails to explore. You should stay in Paget Parish to be close to some of Bermuda's most convenient bus and ferry schedules.


Located above Paget parish, the parish of Pembroke is home to Bermuda's capitol, Hamilton, and the main hub of tourist activity. Vacationers who stay in Pembroke, or specifically, Hamilton, will be close to the island's best shopping along Front Street, the museums of the Royal Naval Dockyard, and the liveliest nightlife in Bermuda.


Just east of Pembroke parish lies the hilly terrain of Devonshire parish, home to Bermuda's Arboretum, the Edmund Gibbons Nature Reserve and one of the city's oldest churches, Old Devonshire Parish Church. Devonshire Parish is also a haven for fishermen; Devonshire Dock is often crowded with people shopping for fresh grouper and rockfish. But take note that despite the area's natural beauty, it doesn't offer very many restaurants or accommodations.


Smith's parish, to the east of Devonshire, is popular among nature lovers looking for a tranquil vacation without Sandys parish's high prices. Its home to the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, as well as Flatts Village, which was a smuggler's port for more than 200 years. This parish offers several hotel options but its restaurant selection is very limited.


The popular Hamilton parish (not to be confused with the capital city), is located northeast of Smith's Parish. Its home to the Bermuda Aquarium, the Crystal & Fantasy Caves, Tom Moore's Jungle, and Shelly Bay, the longest beach along the north shore. Hamilton parish also offers plenty of opportunities to swim, sail and scuba dive.

St. George's

The northern parish of St. George's is comprised of two major parts, St. George's Island and St. David's Island, and is home to some of Bermuda's oldest towns, including Tucker's Town and St. George. Formerly the capital of Bermuda, Historic St. George played an important role in Bermuda's trade industry, and even in the American Revolution. 


Crime against tourists is becoming more common in some parts of Bermuda. Frommer's notes, "the area of Pitts Bay Road from the Hamilton Princess Hotel into the town of Hamilton has been a common setting for muggings. However, the police have installed surveillance cameras to reduce these incidents." We suggest you leave treasured items at home; those valuables that you do bring with you should be secured in the hotel safe. Rented mopeds are sometimes stolen; make sure to always lock your scooter before leaving it unattended.

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