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Although it's practically a suburb of Denver, Boulder seems worlds away from its Mile High comrade. A university town stuck in a '60s mindset, Boulder has welcomed every conceivable trend — from alternative healthcare to fad diets — and a perpetual love for nature has made bicycles the choice mode of transportation. Though the city is known less fondly by more conservative Coloradoans as "The People's Republic of Boulder" and "28 square miles surrounded by ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Boulder

The best times to visit Boulder are January to March and June to August. Although the city can be pleasurable at any time of year, Boulder's winter and summer seasons experience the most consistently enviable weather and numerous festivals. Wintertime can be mighty cold, but ample amounts of fresh powder call to skiers and snowboarders. And though the summer months often see temperatures in the 90s, cooler air in the mountains makes for some great hiking conditions. The spring and fall are much less predictable, with rain showers punctuating otherwise temperate days and overnight chills leaving layers of frost on the mountains.

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Getting Around Boulder

The best ways to get around Boulder are by bike and bus. Bike paths and trails meander throughout the city and nearby parks, and you can rent your own set of wheels for between $20 and $40 a day at local bike shops. If you grow weary, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates extensive bus and shuttle routes throughout the city. Getting to Boulder may seem like a feat: The city does not have it's own airport, meaning visitors must pass through Denver. But making your way to Boulder from the Denver International Airport (DEN) — located about 45 miles east of the city — is actually easy. You can ride RTD or hop the SuperShuttle Boulder, which runs once every hour and costs around $25 for each passenger. Cabs and rental cars are also available at the airport, but one-way taxi rides cost around $70 and you'll have to grapple with limited parking if you decide to drive.

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