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Corner of rue du Chene and rue de l'Etuve | Brussels | Official website
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  • Type: Monuments and Memorials, Sightseeing
  • Time to Spend: Less than 1 hour
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This little boy has put Brussels on the tourist map; people travel to this city from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of him urinating. The legend behind the Manneken Pis (which translates to little peeing man in Dutch) varies widely depending on who you ask. One popular story is of a little boy relieving himself on a witch's doorstep. Catching the boy in the act, the witch wished to punish him by turning him into stone, forcing him into that compromising position for eternity. A local, who witnessed the entire incident, ran to the boy and replaced him with a statue in the nick of time, making the boy miss the curse entirely. Another very popular story is that of a little boy stopping Brussels from meeting its demise. Enemy forces, intent on destroying Brussels, lit a small fire with the hopes it would spread and burn the city to the ground. A wandering little boy, who apparently really needed to go to the bathroom, saw the fire and put it out with his natural resources, thus saving the city. 

While the statue itself is of a child in the nude, he has been the recipient of about 800 different costumes, a tradition that began when Maximilian II Emanuel gave him a soldier's uniform in 1698. Since then Manneken Pis has been many things, including Santa and Elvis. Those interested in learning more about Manneken Pis should take a trip to the Museum of the City of Brussels, where more than 100 of his outfits are on display. The museum also has a digital archive of every single outfit that Manneken Pis has worn for visitors to view.

Unlike the Belgians, however, travelers are torn over Manneken Pis. Some are very tickled by the peculiar monument, while others think it's completely underwhelming. Most agree they were surprised by the boy's small size, especially considering the amount of hype the statue gets. Although Manneken Pis gets mixed reviews, many point out that its close proximity to Grand-Place and the waffle shops on Rue Charles Buls, makes a quick visit worthwhile. 

Love him or hate him, there is always a reason to return to the Manneken Pis — whether it's to see what he's wearing or to watch him spout wine or beer (which happens several days each year). Manneken Pis also has a sister — the Jeanneke Pis — which can be found nearby on rue des Bouchers.

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