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Once nicknamed "Little Paris," Bucharest has no Eiffel Tower, no Louvre, no Sacré Coeur, no Arc de Triomphe (well, actually, it does). However, you will find similar tree-lined boulevards passing gigantic neoclassical edifices and a plethora of museums. The resemblance pretty much ends there. Bucharest has endured communism, fascism, and in a rapidly modernizing world it's evident that this Romanian city has sometimes struggled to regain its artistic and commercial wealth. But slowly and ... continue»

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When to Visit Bucharest

The best time to visit Bucharest is June to August, when the city charms its visitors: the parks are in bloom, attractions extend their hours, and the city becomes more attentive to its foreign guests. And because this city lacks a high volume of visitors and a strong currency; you'll find hotel rates and the cost of goods and services inexpensive throughout the year. So why not see Bucharest at its best?

Best Times to Visit Bucharest»

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