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Keep in Mind...

  • The taxis are tricky Many non-official taxis roam the streets, taxis that charge higher (and illegal) rates. Even licensed cabbies might try to take advantage of you. Your best option is to have your hotel call a reputable company, to have a sense of your surroundings, and be assertive about the fare.
  • There are some good and bad Parisian habits Smoking is extremely prevalent in Bucharest. There is no way to get around it, so it's best to get used to it in a hurry.
  • You should keep your eyes peeled The city has struggled to control a "free-spirited" (read, gypsy) pocket of its population. You'll want to be on guard in the crowded Lipscani district and in public parks like Herastrau Park, where pickpocketing is a national pastime. Also beware of the many stray dogs that roam the streets.

Once nicknamed "Little Paris," Bucharest has no Eiffel Tower, no Louvre, no Sacré Coeur, no Arc de Triomphe (well, actually, it does). However, you will find similar tree-lined boulevards passing gigantic neoclassical edifices and a plethora of museums. The resemblance pretty much ends there. Bucharest has endured communism, fascism, and in a rapidly modernizing world it's evident that this Romanian city has sometimes struggled to regain its artistic and commercial wealth. But slowly and surely, it is. In just a few days, you'll be enchanted with Bucharest's beautiful parks, growing jazz scene and varied architecture. A few days more and you're sure to be fascinated by its eclectic cuisine and enthralled with its comprehensive museums. Welcome to Bucharest.

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