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The desert heat, the noisy streets, and the sheer size of Cairo will leave even the most adaptable traveler with a serious case of culture shock. The constant bombardment of street vendors, the inescapable aroma of livestock, and the seemingly chaotic way of life will joggle the senses. But be patient. Take some time to relax over a cup of tea, to wander the ancient streets, and to watch the sun lower over the mighty ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Cairo

The best times to visit Cairo are from March to April and from October to November. These short shoulder seasons welcome comfortable temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower hotel rates. Winter is by far the most popular time to visit Egypt's capital because the days are warm and sunny and the evenings are cool and breezy. If you're planning a trip between December and February, you can expect peak rates, along with swarms of tourists. You'll find the best deals on hotels during the summer, but for many, battling the heat isn't worth the savings.

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Getting Around Cairo

The best ways to get around Cairo are by Metro or taxi. Egypt's capital is constantly choked by traffic. But below Cairo's congested streets, the Metro system is clean, affordable, and extremely efficient. If you prefer to stay above ground, several fleets of buses can take you where you need to go for very little money. However, aside from those operated by the Cairo Transport Authority, buses here can be very crowded, tough to navigate, and likely to carry pickpockets. Taxis are the best way to get to places that the Metro doesn't cover, especially from Cairo International Airport (CAI), located about 15 miles northeast of the city center. However, taxi drivers are some of the best con artists in the city. Arm yourself with inside knowledge of the city and you should be fine.

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