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From rags to riches, Calgary has experienced its very own Cinderella story. First founded as a Rocky Mountain outpost for the mounted police, this Canadian cow town went from honky-tonk to high-end with the discovery of oil in the early 1900s. Over the next century, shimmering office buildings replaced mom-and-pop businesses. By 1988, the city's reputation as a commercial powerhouse (plus its ideal location near the snowy Rocky peaks) earned it the honor of ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Calgary

The best times to visit Calgary are June through August, when most of the city's special events take place; and November through March when skiing conditions are in their prime. The winter months mark the city's low season with freezing temperatures that deter sightseers and force room rates down (at those hotels that aren't closed). Hotels re-open to greet summer visitors, but you can expect to find prices at their highest. You will find some good deals; however, if you book a few weeks in advance. If you're looking to save money without facing arctic temperatures, plan a visit for April or October when the city is free of tourists and winter's icy grip.

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Getting Around Calgary

The best way to get around Calgary is by using public transportation. The Calgary Transit System provides efficient and affordable light-rail and bus service throughout the city. As such, you'll find you don't need a car; though one might be handy if you're looking to head westward into the mountains. When the weather is nice, many residents opt for bicycles instead. The region boasts hundreds of pathways and bike-lanes. If you're arriving in town by way of the Calgary International Airport (YYC), you can take the Calgary Transit bus to Whitehorn station. From there, ride the light-rail to your lodgings, or fork over $40 CAD (roughly $40 USD) for a cab.

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