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Tips on What To Do in Cayman Islands

Travel sites describe Grand Cayman as the most populated, tourist-geared of the three Cayman Islands; in addition the multiple resorts, vacationers will find the most popular beaches and land attractions. More specialized travelers -- divers, especially -- tend to choose the smaller and less secular Little Cayman or Cayman Brac. Those who can't choose between the typical resort activities of Grand Cayman and the authentic landscape and activities of its sister islands are encouraged to ferry to the smaller isles for daytrips.

  • When you tire of the beach -- if that's possible -- you'll find some of the world's best scuba diving and snorkeling, from the plunge at Bloody Bay Wall off Little Cayman to the calm waters and gentle stingrays at Stingray City off Grand Cayman." -- Frommer's
  • On land, Grand Cayman has the most to offer, with plenty of tours and activities, including semisubmersible tours of the bay for those who want to see under the waves without getting wet." -- Fodor's


Both travel writers and recent visitors sing the praises of Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, which comes complete with a strip of resorts, restaurants and shops, as well as a playground, restrooms and showers. Experienced travelers also highlight Rum Point on Grand Cayman, Point o' Sand in Cayman Brac and the secluded Owen Island's beaches.

  • Spending the Day on Seven Mile Beach: This strip of golden sand, running the length of the western side of Grand Cayman, is what makes this island a year-round destination." -- Frommer's
  • Owen Island. This private island can be reached by rowboat, kayak, or an ambitious 200-yard swim. Anyone is welcome to come across and enjoy the deserted beaches." -- Fodor's
  • Although you might see little reason ever to leave Seven Mile, Rum Point, on the island's northeastern tip, has a small, lovely beach with calm, clear water perfect for swimming." -- New York Times

Attractions for Kids

Although the Cayman Islands are more and more becoming a destination for romantic getaways, weddings and honeymoons, they also offer attractions for kids. Besides Seven Mile Beach -- which has a playground -- recent visitors agree that little ones will also enjoy snorkeling and sailing trips; supervised swimming with stingrays at Stingray City; touring Butterfly Farm; visiting the sea turtles at Boatswain's Beach Turtle Farm; or taking a ride on the Jolly Roger, a working replica of Christopher Columbus's ship, the Niña.

  • Called the 'world's best 4m (13-ft.) dive site,' Stingray City lies in Grand Cayman's North Sound. Adventuresome snorkelers and divers can swim among, pet, and feed 30 to 50 graceful, 'tame' Atlantic Southern stingrays." -- Frommer's
  • Providing great opportunities for rare photographs, the Butterfly Farm is a one of a kind experience for people of all ages." -- Travel Channel


Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands crystal-clear waters is one of the top attractions. Colorful reefs, sandbars, shipwrecks and lots of marine life are just some of the things divers can explore beneath the surface. Many diving companies, sponsor underwater tours; recent travelers especially praise Seasports Diving and Absolute Divers. Check out Cayman Islands Towns & Neighborhoods for more information on the best dive sites.

  • Underwater visibility (about 120 feet) is among the best in the Caribbean, and nearby, healthy reefs make this one of the Caribbean's top dive destinations." -- Fodor's
  • Know and respect your limits. Inexperienced or first-time divers should obtain proper training, and may wish to undergo a physical examination before diving." --Frommer's
  • Visit Bloody Bay for a close-quarters encounter with nature. … The bay itself is the site of the infamous Bloody Bay Wall, home to a magnificent undersea world. Picnic spots are plentiful, the water is pristine and the beach views are spectacular." -- Travel Channel

Sports & Leisure

If you're sick of the water and thirsting for some land-based pursuits, don't worry. The Cayman Islands have you covered with hikes on the Mastic Trail, fishing from charter boats and golfing at some of the island's acclaimed greens, such as Britannia Golf Course and the North Sound Golf Course. Those interested in exploring the islands' natural attractions should also head to the expert- and traveler-recommended National Trust Booby Pond Nature Reserve, where visitors can interact with some of the Cayman Islands' wildlife.

  • Fishing is the 'national sport' of the Cayman Islands -- a tremendously popular pastime for locals and visitors alike. The catches (which can turn up as close as .4km/ 1/4 mile offshore on all three islands) include such prizes as blue marlin, wahoo, dolphin (mahimahi), tuna, and other species." -- Frommer's
  • Mastic Trail. The National Trust's two-mile self-guided trail alternates between ancient dry forest with towering palms and mahogany trees, mangrove swamp, and old plantation fields teeming with butterflies, parrots, and waterfowl." -- Sherman's Travel

Historic Attractions

Grand Cayman is more tourist focused than a monument to Caribbean history; still, travel writers and recent visitors cite several historic attractions worth visiting. As the commercial and cultural hub, George Town features several sites and museums depicting the islands' history, including the Cayman Islands National Museum, the Clock Tower, the St. James Historic Site and the Island Glassblowing Studio. For those who prefer spending time outdoors, travelers recommend strolling through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

  • The island is home to the St. James Historic Site, a 19th century plantation that has been restored and well kept to preserve a part of the island that existed many years ago. A look into the history of the island continues at the Cayman Islands National Museum." -- Travel Channel
  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park: This 65-acre garden oasis encompasses a series of flora and succulents (orchids, cacti, lilies). Other sections include a traditional heritage 'sand' garden and the Blue Iguana Recovery Project." -- Sherman's Travel


The Cayman Islands aren't as party hearty as other Caribbean destinations, but Grand Cayman does enjoy a healthy bar scene.  If you're looking for a bit of entertainment, recent visitors recommend stopping by George Town's Next Level Nightclub and Lounge or the Chuckles Comedy Club on Seven Mile Beach.

  • Alcohol is very expensive on the islands, even from the liquor stores. You can expect to pay approximately twice as much in the liquor stores as you would at stores in the United States, however it is still the cheapest way to purchase alcohol." -- Wikitravel
  • Grand Cayman is not as liberal with its alcohol-serving laws as some of the other Caribbean islands like St. Maarten or St. Thomas, so staying out until the wee hours can prove difficult. On Friday nights, most establishments close at 1 a.m." -- New York Times

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