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  • Jefferson dreamed of a school His vision, the University of Virginia, was the first institution in the country where students could receive a nonsectarian (or nonreligious) education. UVA is still noteworthy as a brilliant institution of higher learning, and for its striking, sprawling campus.
  • Jefferson dreamed of Virginia wine And thus, he sold part of his land to an Italian viticulturist to plant grapes. Years later, the Jefferson Vineyards is just one of many area wineries for you to explore.

Speak to one of the locals, and they'll tell you that Charlottesville is "Mr. Jefferson's Town." Truly, Thomas Jefferson's legacy does indeed shine brightly here. You'll feel his imprint while strolling past the columns of the University of Virginia's Academical Village, or through the vegetable gardens of Monticello. Even Ash Lawn-Highland, the area home of his friend James Monroe, bears TJ's mark (he helped Monroe plan the construction of the farmhouse). Still, "C-Ville" is good for more than a stroll down historical memory lane -- just take a look at the youthful, diverse population as proof. You'll also find hip coffee shops and hookah lounges, and an outdoor pavilion space that hosts up-and-coming, indie music talent each summer. In other words, this central Virginia city encourages you to embrace both its heritage and its forward-thinking movement. Mr. Jefferson wouldn't have it any other way.

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