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Best Times to Visit Dublin

The best time to visit Dublin is in the summertime when temperatures are warm (for Ireland anyway) and festivals fill the streets. This also constitutes the most expensive time to visit, with high hotel rates and airfare prices. It's also the most crowded time of year. If you're looking for a deal and fewer tourists, come in the winter with your heaviest coat. Spring and fall make the happy medium -- moderate temperatures (again, for Ireland), crowds and prices.

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Travel in the summer for the best weather -- but also the highest prices and biggest crowds. Average highs this time of year drift in the mid 60s Fahrenheit, so you should pack layers.

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Temperatures this time of year are mild -- and by mild, we mean that average highs are in the 50s. Bring jackets, sweaters and scarves, and enjoy this cheaper seasons.
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Dublin winters range in temperature from about 30- to 40-degrees Fahrenheit, making a warm winter coat a necessity. Travelers that visit this time of year can usually score some pretty significant deals on their hotels and airfare. And remember that pints in pubs are a great antidote to chattering teeth and goosebumps.
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The months March, April and May experience high average temperatures in the 50s, so you'll need to pack some warmer clothes along with your t-shirts. Visitors this time of year are few: One exception is St. Patrick's Day, which teems with tourists; hotel rates are also inflated. If you are traveling over St. Patrick's, be sure to book your room well in advance.

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