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Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tourism Board

To outsiders, Hong Kong is surrounded by questions: "Is it part of China or not?" "Is it one island or two?" "Is it English-speaking or Mandarin-speaking?" And foreigners have a good reason to ask them. This territory, made of multiple islands, returned to China's possession in 1997 after more than a hundred years of British occupation. Upon its reunification with China, Hong Kong added certain stipulations that provide a unique degree of autonomy. For ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Hong Kong

The best time to visit Hong Kong is between October and December. This period boasts comfortable temperatures and reasonable room rates. After New Years, tourism picks up significantly, despite the falling temps, and leads to higher hotel prices and more crowds. Another sweet spot for affordable travel is the short spring. And while summer remains a popular tourist time, the weather can be stiflingly hot and humid. To protect your wallet, avoid Chinese national holidays and large conventions, when hotel prices soar. Check out the Hong Kong Tourism Board's city calendar for updated information.

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Getting Around Hong Kong

The best way to get around Hong Kong is the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). Ideally, you'll use a combination of the MTR and walking to get places quickly and cheaply. If you dare to take a bus or minibus, you run the risk of missing your intended destination as these two options are hard for visitors who do not speak Cantonese; you need to be able to accurately communicate with the driver. The ferries and the trams offer scenic routes, which you should take when you have time to absorb Hong Kong's bustling environment.

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