Best Hotels in Galápagos Islands

The top-rated hotels in Galápagos Islands are sorted by hotel class and then by user rating, as provided by TripAdvisor. Here you can find rates, photos and information about the leading Galápagos Islands hotels.

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  • Hotel Class 4.0-star

The comfortable Hotel Solymar has originally been built in 1958 to provide accommodation for the scientists coming to the Enchanted Islands. It ... continue »

  • Hotel Class 3.0-star

Only a stones throw away from the sea. The Grand Lobo de Mar is a large white semi-luxurious hotel with Mediterranean style ... continue »

  • Hotel Class 2.0-star
  • Guest Rating

Finch Bay Eco Hotel is a charming hotel named after the famous Darwins Finches and is just steps from the beach on ... continue »

  • Hotel Class 2.0-star
  • Guest Rating

Casa Natura Hotel is a great escape and a wonderful location to enjoy the Galapagos Islands. Newly built, the property offers air ... continue »

  • Hotel Class 2.0-star

Your stay will be in a cozy environment like being at home, with a warm atmosphere of a great Hotel. Red Booby ... continue »

  • Hotel Class 2.0-star

Villa Laguna is a shining example of comfort, located at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The hotel is three stories set ... continue »

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