Moscow Hotel Guide

You can find hotels throughout Moscow's city center, but be prepared to pay a steep price for almost any accommodation option. Even the typically medium-range hotels in the city can cost much more than luxury hotels in the United States or Europe. The reason for this disparity is a simple matter of supply and demand; there's also little incentive among hoteliers to offer discounts or specials. That said, some sites suggest you may find deals outside of the Garden Ring in the downtown.  

  • Most of the better deals on hotels are found beyond the Garden Ring Road, well away from the main sights. This can be a major factor in your Moscow experience, since traffic to and from the center can eat up a chunk of the day." -- Frommer's
  • Moscow's hotels have done much to promote the city's newly vaunted reputation as one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Finding a hotel room in central Moscow for under $500 a night now requires a small miracle." -- Concierge.com