Jamaica Inn Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Happy 30th Anniversary To Us!

The Hubs surprised me with a short get a way to celebrate! Yes, he is a keeper!We've never been to Jamaica, so we were both excited for the trip. The Jamaica Inn was a very pleasant surprise. PEACEFUL...Tranquil...and GORGEOUS. The grounds were swept every morning and I personally liked seeing the staff taking care of the JI. The pride of ownership definitely shows in this family run establishment. The staff were all very, very polite and everyone was always smiling! How could that not be contagious! 😀. You can eat onsite and expect to pay $$$, but we brought over some snacks to help with our expenses and it worked out fine. The one breakfast and one lunch we ate were super delish. We had one evening meal --dressing up is a must--not a tux and ball gown--men in collared shirts and slacks and ladies are always beautiful -- the meal was outstanding and romantic. It reminded me of classic movies when dining was an event. This being said, I wore Aqua capris and a lovely blouse and felt like I belonged. The beach was just beautiful and wonderful. Hearing crashing waves is just what we both needed. If you are looking for a true escape from the drudgery and hustle of life, even if it's only for three days, this is the place. user | 2016.02.08

Bumbocleat good time mon!

Ye mon! Good time. Ye mon great food! Beach was beautiful too mon! Rooms were nice with no bugs mon. This is what gwan at the Jamaica Inn! You dun need to know anyting but go to the Jamaica Inn mon. You will have such a good time dat you be talking like me mon. PS. Order the Teddy! The drink was not on the menu but they will know what you be talking about mon!! user | 2016.02.05

Peaceful and beautiful hotel on stunning beach

The Jamaica Inn is a charming small hotel with a stunning beach. It is the ideal place to relax. The staff is exceptional, friendly and attentive. The rooms with an outdoor living room are stunning and so comfortable. No TV's, but good Wifi if you have to stay connected. We had a wonderful massage at the Spa, in an outside room with a magnificent view of the ocean-the serenity was wonderful. Rooms were clean and tastefully decorated. user | 2016.02.05

Paradise in Jamaica

Lovely charming gracious property.....we booked a less costly room and were still pleased with the space, accommodations,and view. I would rate this property Excellent except for the disappointment of the food. The beach is fantastic with plenty of lounges everywhere. You never feel crowded, its calm and peaceful. The decor is interesting and pleasing, I loved the Meissen porcelain and Toby jugs in the bar. Free parking is a perk. Service is outstanding wherever you are at the inn. Bring your computer if you want to watch TV, WiFi is powerful here so no problems. user | 2016.02.03

Felt Like Royalty

The Jamaica Inn is THE place to be if you want to unwind and relax in paradise. From the moment we arrived, the staff treated us like royalty. If there was anything we needed, someone at the hotel would make it happen. The food was fantastic, the service was quick and the drinks were always refreshing and delicious. The attached verandas were stunning and added to the overall amazing feeling surrounding the entire resort. The air conditioning worked great and the bathrooms were very nice. The only con of this resort is the size of the rooms, they are a bit small. That being said, we barely spent any time in the room because the beach and the veranda were so incredibly nice. Also, there was a pool but it is small. No need to worry though because the ocean was clean and warm. If you're looking for a resort with an immense amount of activities, this is maybe not the place for you. However, the relaxation and peacefulness at the Jamaica Inn is incredible. I would definitely come back here again. user | 2016.02.02

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