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In the summer, with Salzburg stealing the music aficionados and Vienna drawing the mainstream, Innsbruck appears out-of-luck and out-of-date. The last time the city received global attention was in 1976 at the Winter Olympics. But if you leave this Winter Wonderland off your Austrian itinerary, then you are seriously mistaken and seriously missing out. With the first snow, skiers and other cold-weather junkies flock to Innsbruck for its fresh powder and Old World charm. The ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Innsbruck

The best times to visit Innsbruck are in the summer and the long winter. This is a winter-sport enthusiast's paradise: The rates are cheaper here at that time of year than at other skiing destinations of comparable size (see OlympiaSkiWorld Innsbruck). In the summer, visitors comfortably stroll around Old Town and enjoy extended hours at the best attractions. Fall is the cheapest time to visit, but you'll obviously miss out on all the excitement of winter or the gorgeous scenery of summer.

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