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Sandwiched between Grand Teton National Park to the north and miles of national forest in every other direction, the Jackson Hole valley has remained relatively isolated from the burgeoning travel industry. Instead it has survived on local industries like logging, ranching and, during the 19th century, fur trading. But recently, Jackson Hole has encouraged the rise of tourism. Former blue-collar settlements like Jackson and Grand Teton now boast notable art and performance venues, and mega ... continue»

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When to Visit Jackson Hole

The best times to visit Jackson Hole are the months of April, May, September and October. Although the weather during these shoulder seasons can be unpredictable -- temperatures can range anywhere from the low 30s to the low 60s -- you can expect to find prices at their lowest and a region practically free of tourists. Expect rates to rocket in the summer since both Yellowstone and Grand Teton are open and draw in thousands of visitors. Although you'll save a few bucks on a winter trip, the arrival of powder hounds will keep hotel rates relatively high.

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Getting Around Jackson Hole

The best way to get around Jackson Hole is by car. Rental offices are located in the town of Jackson, and at the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), nine miles north. Although there are other transportation options available, they're not as reliable. And public transportation is limited, as there are quite a few towns and villages found within the valley. Taxi cabs are also available.

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