Getting Around Jackson Hole

The best way to get around Jackson Hole is by car. Rental offices are located in the town of Jackson, and at the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), nine miles north. Although there are other transportation options available, they're not as reliable. And public transportation is limited, as there are quite a few towns and villages found within the valley. Taxi cabs are also available.

To get to your hotel from the airport, you can use the Alltrans shuttle service. One-way trips range in cost from $16 to $50, depending on your destination.

Car There are several major rental companies in the Hole and at the airport. Two major highways run through the area: U.S. Route 189 (also marked as U.S. Route 26, 89 and 191) goes from north to south through the town of Jackson, while Highway 22 runs westward from Jackson. These two major roads make navigating the valley fairly easy. However, regional authorities advise winter visitors to be wary of cold-weather driving conditions; ice and heavy snowfall can make these mountain roads treacherous.
Public Transportation

The Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) system operates a bus route connecting the town of Jackson to Teton Village. Buses run approximately once an hour every day of the summer, but service is significantly reduced during the off-seasons. One-way tickets cost $3 per passenger, or you could buy a $24 booklet with 10 one-way rides. Buses also run between Jackson, Teton Village and the southern Star Valley, making stops in the town of Alpine and at the Snow King Resort. One-way trips to Star Valley cost $8 per person. START also offers free local bus services within the towns of Jackson and Teton Village.


Jackson Hole’s cab service is provided by Buckboard Transportation. However, we suggest that you use taxis sparingly, as rates do add up.

On Foot The towns located in Jackson Hole -- even the cosmopolitan town of Jackson -- are small enough to explore on foot. Just make sure to bundle up if you're visiting during the winter.

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