Hanakapi'ai Beach free

Kilauea, HI
Hanakapi'ai Beach Photo info
Jeff Kubina/Wikimedia
  • Type: Beaches, Hiking
  • Time to Spend: 1 to 2 hours
Overall Rating: 4.0 (3.8)
Value: 5.0 (5.0)
Facilities: 0.0 (N/A)
Atmosphere: 5.0 (5.0)
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Even if you don't trek all of the Kalalau Trail's 11 miles, visitors urge you to tough out the first two miles. There, along the Na Pali Coast, are the roaring, foamy waves of Hanakapi'ai Beach. The tide here is too dangerous for swimming, but you'll definitely want to snap some pictures of the dramatic coastline or just lose yourself in the sound of waves relentlessly crashing onto the rocks. Also consider packing a picnic to enjoy away from the cacophony of the shore.

Just two miles farther along the trail is another photogenic masterpiece: the 100-foot drop of the Hanakapi'ai Falls and its black lava rocks. Be careful during your hike; rocky streams along the unmaintained trail are prone to flooding after heavy rains, so only hike in good weather.

You'll need a day-hike or camping permit if you're going to access Hanakapi'ai Beach from the Kalalau Trail. Day permits are free, but overnight camping costs $20 per person per night for a maximum of five nights. Visit the Hawaii State Park's website for more information on the area.

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