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Ocean Avenue | Kennebunkport, ME
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  • Type: Historic Homes/Mansions, Sightseeing
  • Time to Spend: Less than 1 hour
Overall Rating: 4.0 (4.1)
Value: 5.0 (5.0)
Facilities: 0.0 (N/A)
Atmosphere: 3.5 (3.5)
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Travelers looking to play paparazzi should head out on Ocean Drive to Walker's Point, home to the Bush family compound. While in office, Bush 41 and 43 hosted a variety of influential heads-of-state at their family summer home, including former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Vladimir Putin, back when he was Russia's prime minister. Political presence has lessened in recent years, but still, eagle-eye visitors can catch a glimpse of the infamous family as they pass by on Ocean Drive.

More than one TripAdvisor user has run into some trouble finding the place: "There is no street sign but once you get into the heart of Kennebunkport town just ask someone and you will be pointed to a street past a bridge." Even so, visitors love the breathtaking vistas on the aptly named Ocean Drive. That being said, there isn't much else to do at Walker's Point -- and the secret service doesn't let you get too close -- so a brief visit is best.

You'll find Walkers Point about six miles south of downtown Kennebunkport.

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