Getting Around Key West

The best way to get around tiny Key West is on foot; that way, you can take advantage of the fresh air as you move from place to place. Mopeds and bicycles are also popular, though they can be dangerous. Taxis are available on the street (as well as in front of the Key West International Airport (EYW) in the middle of the island), plus the Key West Department of Transportation operates public bus routes around the island. Very few people drive around the island, but making the scenic three-hour jaunt from Miami is a popular way to arrive in Key West.

On Foot Approximately four-miles long and one-and-a-half miles wide, Key West is extremely dense and walkable, especially in Old Town on the western side. That's also where you'll find the most attractions (and hotels).
Bicycles and Mopeds The over-romanticized notion of mopeds entices many tourists to rent one for a day or two (approximately $35 per day), but the lack of helmet laws encourages them to ride with a bare head. Rider inexperience combined with congested streets and no helmets translates into hundreds of serious accidents annually. Bicycles are much safer and can usually be rented at the same shops. If you choose either, wear a helmet.
Car For unnecessary stress, rent a car. You'll quickly discover parking is limited and expensive. Plus, the narrow streets are often crowded with pedestrians. If you have driven to the island, find a parking space and leave your car there.
Taxi Taxis meander the streets and position themselves near the bars and the airport. But why spend money on a taxi only to go a mile or two?
Public Transport

There is a small bus system that runs along the island's main thoroughfares. Recent travelers recommend that if you see the bus and are on your way to the opposite side of the island, hop on.  Otherwise, it's not worth waiting for the bus. 

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