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Lake Tahoe Travel Guide

Lake Tahoe
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Incredible, extraordinary, mind-boggling … try as you might, you'll have difficulty finding words that do justice to the sheer beauty of Lake Tahoe. Resting on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe has long been a favorite vacation spot, welcoming upward of 200,000 tourists on a good weekend. Visitors are drawn here by the steep granite cliff sides and towering mountaintops, as well as the crystal clear waters that have earned Lake Tahoe the reputation of ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Lake Tahoe

The best times to visit Lake Tahoe are from March to May and from September to November, but the area welcomes visitors throughout the year thanks to the wide variety of attractions and activities available. With warmer weather comes beachcombers: In July and August, Tahoe's shores are lined with oversized umbrellas and sun-drenched kids. There's a small break in tourist activity during the fall, but as the temperatures decline, visitors re-emerge with skis in hand, ready to tackle the powder. Traveling in March or November specifically will allow you to experience the area at a fraction of the price.

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Getting Around Lake Tahoe

The best way to get around Lake Tahoe is by car. Because there are more than 70 miles of shoreline at just the lake alone, you'll find that having your own set of wheels will be most convenient. You can rent a car at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport (RNO) about 50 miles northeast of Tahoe City. The Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART) provides public bus services, but only around the north shore. In South Lake Tahoe there are free shuttles between the casinos and ski resorts.

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