Getting Around Miami Beach

The best way to get around Miami Beach is on foot. South Beach is especially pedestrian-friendly, and how are you going to people-watch or get a tan if you're in a car? Another option, bikes, can be rented from a number of vendors. Just be sure to pack or purchase a strong lock as bicycle theft tends to be a problem. Driving will bring headaches, particularly when parking is limited at peak hours. If your feet begin to cramp, there are buses run by Miami-Dade Transit. The city buses are reportedly unreliable, but the SoBe Local is ultra convenient and cheap. Still, hailing the occasional cab rather than waiting at a bus stop is preferred. You'll probably also use a cab to get from the Miami International Airport (MIA) to town.

On Foot If you book a hotel in South Beach, you'll have no problem walking from the water to your hotel or to the shops and restaurants. We certainly recommend that you traverse Miami Beach on foot, but not bare foot. Although the beach is usually clean, you never know where shards of glass bottles or splinters of the boardwalk are hiding in the sand.
Bicycle A bike will help you get from point A to point B faster than walking and, probably, driving. Proceed slowly through crowds to avoid any accidents. Cycling on the beach and the boardwalk is a very popular, not to mention beautiful, ride. Beware that bikes go missing all the time, so make sure to  lock your bike as soon as you get off it. You can find several rental shops on Washington Ave. in South Beach.
Taxi Taxis are the hassle-free option for travelers that don't want the troubles of a car. During the day, you can easily flag down a cab found hovering near places with lots of foot traffic. Their numbers will multiply after dark as they lurk outside popular nightclubs and bars.

If you plan to stay exclusively in Miami Beach, a car is unnecessary. Taxis, buses and your own two feet will be more than enough to move you around the island. However, if you want to explore, a car is certainly a must. Parking can be difficult, certainly on weekends, but not impossible. Meters charge $1.00 or $1.50 per hour, and the city actually operates parking garages for reasonable rates. There are six bridges connecting greater Miami with Miami Beach. These links have drawbridges, so allow extra time when crossing them. Note: Numbered streets (running east to west) increase as you go north on the island.


Although tourists consciously stay away from the city buses, the SoBe Local is an overlooked and helpful means of seeing South Beach. It runs every 12 to 20 minutes daily and brings passengers to many popular destinations.


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