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Keep in Mind...

  • It's ritzy You've heard that Naples is "ritzy," but just how much so? Comprised of only 15 square miles, this tiny city has two Ritz-Carlton resorts about four miles apart. Starting to get the picture?
  • It's polo The tiny iconic polo player will be on the shirts of many male and female residents. If you would like to blend in, get dressed as if you were headed to the country club.
  • It's tiny Old Naples, where many of the best restaurants and shops are located, is small enough that you might only need an afternoon to explore the whole town before heading back to the beach.

Named after the coastal Italian city, Naples is known for its laid-back ambience, quiet luxury and world-class golf. Though Florida's version doesn't have the history, the sights, or the artwork of its namesake, its extravagance mimics that of European waterholes along the Mediterranean. With gently lapping waves on the white sand beaches of southern Florida's Gulf Coast, America's Napoli qualifies as one of the most relaxing and romantic beach destinations in the States. High-end restaurants and first-class hotels await those who retreat from the shore. Party animals and young families will probably want to seek another beach because Naples doesn't have the distractions (Oops, we mean, attractions) you are looking for. Relaxation is the name of the game here, so leave the tots with your parents or the keg at the frat house, pick up your special someone and venture down to Florida's city of love.

How To Save Money in Naples

  • Choose a hotel Naples' hotels are normally cheaper than its resorts and, with so many public beaches, it should be easy to find a hotel that's near the shoreline.
  • Or a rental If your stay is more than a weekend getaway and you brought the kids, think about renting a house (maid service not included). Note that most homes, however, are set away from the beach.
  • Go natural Although most visitors spend their time cloistered at resorts or on the greens, Naples has many natural sights to experience, which are free to explore.

Naples Culture & Customs

Although the city isn't as showy or overtly snobby as other cities like Palm Beach, Naples residents are still a wealthy set. The city is one of the snazzier in the state, so you might want to dress up a little. Swimsuits are okay for the beach but be sure to cover up when you're in town.

Naples also has a reputation as one of the most romantic cities around. Relaxation is the name of the game here, so you'll see very few of the little ones hanging around. If you do have the kids in tow, a better option might be a place like Disney World.

Naples Dining

Some say that Naples has the best cuisine of Florida's western shore. And quality doesn't come cheap. It should come as no surprise that this city by the water has a hankering for seafood; menus are filled with shrimp dishes and large stone crab claws. Those looking for something a little less damaging to the wallet will find a handful of chains dotting the area, as well. You'll find the largest selection of restaurants in Old Naples.

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