Getting Around Nice

The best way to get around Nice is on foot, especially if you plan on sticking close to the city's center. Like many other French cities, Nice is equipped with a reliable and convenient public transportation system. Buses serve all major tourist attractions as well as the Nice-Ville train station and the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE).


The buses serve all major tourist attractions as well as the train station and airport, but tramway construction often disrupts the routes. You'll probably find it quicker to walk if you'll be exploring the city's center. Tickets can be purchased as you board the bus for €1.30 EUR (about $1.80 USD).


The Tramway de Nice serves 21 stations between the northern and eastern suburbs and also passes through the city center. Tickets are an affordable €1.30 EUR and available at ticket machines in all tram stations.

Car If you insist on having your own set of wheels, rent a moped rather than a car since downtown traffic can be frustrating and parking is limited. Rental agencies are located throughout the city, though U.S. citizens will have to obtain an International Driver's License prior to arriving in France to drive in the country. Applications are available online.
Moped A moped's smaller size solves the limited parking and traffic problems, but unfortunately there's also a high accident rate, so we recommend them for experienced drivers only. If you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a moped off the Promenade des Anglais from €15 to €25 EUR (about $20 to $35 USD) a day. There's no special license required, but there is a security deposit — at least €55 EUR, depending on the vehicle's model.
On Foot Unless you're planning to visit remote areas like Cimiez, Mont-Boron or Mont-Alban, you're better off navigating Nice on foot. The beach and most of the major tourist attractions are located within walking distance of one another in the city center

The taxi drivers in Nice are a bit notorious for taking advantage of tourists. If you must take a taxi, negotiate the fare before getting inside and make sure the driver has his or her fare rates displayed (a requirement).

Entry & Exit Requirements

A valid United States passport is required for you to leave the mainland and to re-enter the country. Travelers can enter the country for up to 90 days without a visa. If you plan to stay longer, you must obtain the proper visa from one of the French consulates in America prior to departure. For more information concerning entry and exit requirements for France, visit the U.S. State Department's website.

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