Getting Around Playa del Carmen

The best way to get around Playa del Carmen is on foot, as most of the best things to do are located right off the beach. There's no bus service around town, but if necessary, you can hail a taxi to escape the main resort area. Ferries to Cozumel are also available. For even more flexibility, consider renting a car from Cancún International Airport (CUN), which is about 45 minutes away. Taxis and bus service are also available from CUN Airport.

The Autobus Riviera drives from the CUN Airport to the Playa 12 times a day for just $10 USD one-way. Tickets are available at the counters set up outside the terminals 2 and 3.

On Foot  Playa is easily navigable on foot, especially as much of the activity is centered on pedestrian-only La Quinta Avenida.
Car  The town's grid layout is pretty easy to navigate, but unless you're planning on exploring beyond the main Playa area, a car isn't really necessary. Rental agencies are plentiful on the north end of La Quinta as well as in the airport.
Taxi Fare should cost no more than $2 USD to get around the main Playa del Carmen area, but you'll spend approximately $5 USD one-way to get from El Zócalo to Playacar. Remember to negotiate your rate with the driver before entering the cab.
Ferry Ferries make the 30-minute trip to Cozumel, leaving on the hour from 6 a.m. to around 11 p.m. daily. You can ride for about $9 USD one-way, around $15 round-trip. Tickets can be purchased on La Quinta, or at booths on the docks on Calle 1 Sur.
Entry & Exit Requirements

A passport is required for entry into Mexico. Travelers must also carry a Mexican Tourist Permit, which is usually issued free of charge upon arrival. If there is a cost, it is usually absorbed in your airfare. Be sure to hold on to the tourist card, as you will need to present the card upon departing the country. For more information on entry and exit requirements, visit the U.S. State Department's website.

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