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Puerto Rico Pictures

San Juan Skyline picture in Puerto Rico

San Juan's lively daytime energy translates into action-packed nightlife — one of many popular draws for tourists. Sean Pavone Shutterstock

El Morro  picture in Puerto Rico

You can walk though the six stories of this famous fortress, including a maze of tunnels, barracks and prison cells. dranzi

Castillo de San Cristóbal picture in Puerto Rico

The 27 acres of Castillo de San Cristóbal were built to protect Old San Juan from land attacks. Today, the site offers breathtaking views of the sea.  FotoDawg Flickr

Condado Beach picture in Puerto Rico

If you're staying in San Juan there's a good chance you'll never venture farther than Condado Beach, which frames a string of high-rise hotels. runneralan2004 Flickr

Guarding the Sea picture in Puerto Rico

El Morro fort in Greater San Juan is one of the most popular attractions in Puerto Rico, in part for its rich ties to the island's past.  Ksaraf Wikimedia

Comida Criolla picture in Puerto Rico

Alcapurrias are a popular beef fritter dish in Puerto Rico, and one of the best street dishes, or comida criolla, to try on vacation.  Dave Cook Flickr

The Birds picture in Puerto Rico

Swing by Pigeon Park while you're out shopping along Calle del Cristo in Old San Juan. NeitherFanboy Flickr

Luquillo Beach picture in Puerto Rico

Families flock to this shore for its reef-protected calm waves, and you'll see a lot of daytrippers fresh from a jaunt in El Yunque rainforest. Guitarfool5931 Flickr

El Yunque picture in Puerto Rico

Just 35 miles east of San Juan, El Yunque rainforest is a great picture-taking and hiking opportunity. Oquendo Flickr

Sun Bay picture in Puerto Rico

This Vieques beach is the only one of the tiny island with public facilities; the town of Esparanza is just a short walk away. MsDivinity Flickr

Carolina Beach picture in Puerto Rico

Located near the Isla Verde resort area in San Juan, the Balneario de Carolina is often crowded.  runneralan2004 Flickr

Mosquito Bay picture in Puerto Rico

At night, this south Vieques beach emits a bluish glow from the half-plant, half-animal microorganisms that live in the water there.  None Puerto Rico Tourism Board

Rincón picture in Puerto Rico

The Punta Higüeras Lighthouse sits in Rincón  a popular surfing town on Puerto Rico's west coast.  Oquendo Flickr

Arecibo Beach picture in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's many beaches line its expansive shoreline. The Arecibo beach area shown here is a ways away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown San Juan. NeitherFanboy Flickr

Flamenco Beach picture in Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is often regarded by travelers as the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico for its clear, shallow waters, soft sands and remote location.  ARENA Creative Shutterstock

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