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You come to Queenstown for adventure. Imagine this. One day, you're bungee jumping: Your feet leave the ledge, and gravity drags your body downward. Then you're whitewater rafting: You're plummeting over waterfalls, the river water slapping your skin. And the next day, you're on a mountain bike traversing the greenest hills you've ever seen. Later in the week, your stomach drops because you've just leapt off an airplane into ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Queenstown

The best time to visit Queenstown is the summer (December through February), when the long, sunny days make outdoor excursions enjoyable. Because of the sheer number of outdoorsy activities offered in the summertime, you can expect some moderate crowds and busy hotels. Spring (September to November) and fall (March to May) yield unpredictable weather conditions, while winter (June through August) is prime for powder hounds.

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Getting Around Queenstown

The best way to get around Queenstown is by car, since many of the city's activities are spread apart. Plus, there's no public transportation system to get you from A to B. That said, you can certainly walk around downtown Queenstown, and get a feel for the city. To get into town from Queenstown International Airport (ZQN), a distance of just under five miles, you can take a taxi or your rental car.

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