Getting Around Queenstown

The best way to get around Queenstown is by car, since many of the city's activities are spread apart. Plus, there's no public transportation system to get you from A to B. That said, you can certainly walk around downtown Queenstown, and get a feel for the city. To get into town from Queenstown International Airport (ZQN), a distance of just under five miles, you can take a taxi or your rental car.

On Foot If you plan on keeping a close radius to your accommodations in central Queenstown, walking is a good way to get around. However, if you plan on high-octane adventures, you'll probably need to rent a car.
Car There are nine rental car agencies in Queenstown Airport (ZQN). And if you plan on traveling to Queenstown's outer-lying attractions like Peregrine Wines and The Remarkables, a car is a necessity (though you can also hire tour buses for transportation). Since parking spots are scarce in Queenstown, we recommend taking advantage of the garage located on Man Street (beside the Sofitel hotel). You'll need either an international driver's license or an up-to-date license from your home country. Also, New Zealanders drive on the left side of the road.
Taxi Two main taxi companies service Queenstown: Queenstown Taxis and Alpine Taxis. Both service Queenstown Airport (ZQN), and both are reliable and offer competitive rates. For more information, consult the taxi section of the Queenstown tourism organization's website.
Entry & Exit Requirements

You'll need an up-to-date passport to visit Queenstown, but American citizens are not required to have a visa for stays shorter than three months in duration. For more information on New Zealand travel, visit the U.S. State Department's website.

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