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Best Affordable Destinations in Europe

European cities can be expensive places to visit, but exchange rates and high price tags don't have to be prohibitive across the continent. Based on an in-depth analysis of user votes and expert and traveler recommendations, U.S News ranked the destinations where tourists can experience Europe without breaking the bank. Help us determine next year's rankings of the best affordable spots in Europe by casting your vote below. See photos of the Best Affordable Destinations in Europe »

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Why go: The prices in this former bargain hunter's paradise are swiftly rising. But it's still possible to find affordable lodging in this city, especially if you brave the Czech Republic's cold winter weather. Although most attractions charge small entrance fees, good eats (and cheap drinks) are never hard to find. Read More»

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Why go: With an eclectic mix of neoclassical, baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. This diverse metropolis overflows with hotels and eateries that allow visitors a true taste of Hungarian life without exhausting their credit cards. Read More»

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Why go: Portugal's capital offers everything you would expect from a European getaway at a fraction of the cost of flashier cities like Paris or Rome. You can hang your hat at a top-notch hotel and enjoy mouthwatering meals without cutting corners. Read More»

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Why go: This tourist hot spot boasts an array of attractions that cater to all types of visitors. Because affordable lodging and cheap eats abound, you won't feel guilty about staying a few extra days. Or you could spend the extra cash on nightlife, as alcohol here can be quite expensive. Read More»

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Why go: Barcelona offers a wide array of cultural daytime attractions that include museums, markets and churches, as well as a rowdy nightlife scene. The city's increasing popularity has inflated prices, but room rates are still lower than those in most comparable cities. Read More»

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Why go: Drawing upon more than 750 years of history, this Polish city beckons to travelers with shallow pockets and an interest in the past. Krakow is home to towering gothic churches and ornate royal palaces, not to mention budget-friendly hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Read More»

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376 150

Why go: While getting there requires a bit of a splurge, those who do their homework should have no problem finding modest room rates on Crete. And it doesn't cost a dime for enjoy the island's breathtaking beaches and scenery.  Read More»

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Why go: Germany's capital is teeming with culture. Attractions showcase Berlin's influence on modern science, technology and the arts, but some travelers are more inspired by the city's cuisine and dance clubs. Berlin's efficient subway system makes getting around inexpensive. Read More»

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Why go: With its perch on the Dalmatian coast, its delicious seafood and its baroque buildings, this small city welcomes visitors in droves. To make a trip to Dubrovnik truly affordable, plan to visit during the fall's shoulder season and stay outside of town in a suburb (we suggest Lapad Bay). Read More»

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Why go: Lying along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and accessible by high-speed train from both Madrid and Barcelona, this vibrant Spanish city boasts museums, golden beaches and quirky festivals. But the real perk is that prices are considerably lower than other European cities. Read More»

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Why go: Often overshadowed by Athens, the northern coastal city of Thessaloniki should not be forgotten. This city is filled with ancient archeological sites — like the Acropolis — gorgeous scenery, the nearby beaches of Halkidiki and cost-effective hotel rates to boot.

Central Dalmatia
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Why go: Situated on the Adriatic Coast, Central Dalmatia is an up-and-coming destination with promising characteristics: clean beaches, historic sites and great weather conditions in the summertime. Plus, you can tour Diocletian's Palace in Split and the medieval fortress of Hvar at bargain prices.

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