Best Affordable Honeymoons in the USA

When you embark on your first vacation as spouses, you may not have lots of cash to burn on an extravagant honeymoon — especially after a costly dream wedding. For this reason, U.S. News Travel has rounded up several romantic spots that fit a range of budgets. These scenic locales are all found within our own borders, allowing you to turn up the romance without over-spending on airfare.

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Why Go: Historic Charleston is made for lovers. Along the cobblestone streets, you'll find fellow couples strolling hand in hand. Opt for a room in town to savor the city's antebellum charm or visit Folly for a beach retreat. Either way, you'll pay modest rates for such gorgeous settings. Read More»

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Why Go: It's hard to match the Cape's tranquility. Peppered with B&Bs, Massachusetts' arm offers delicious seafood and miles of serene shoreline. Summer is the peak season, but fall and spring offer a more romantic, intimate ambiance (and lower room rates). Read More»

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Why Go: The red rocks of Sedona never fail to inspire romance. Whether you're hiking through a canyon or hiding out in a resort bungalow, you'll easily absorb the area's relaxed beauty. Though Sedona has become increasingly expensive, you can still find moderate prices. Read More»

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Why Go: For some, a quiet mountain retreat is ideal after an exhausting wedding. Couples find respite in the region's year-round charms: spring greenery, summer hiking, fall foliage and winter skiing. Couples on a budget should book a room in one of the region's small-town inns. Read More»

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Why Go: You'll have to fly to get here, but room rates in this U.S. territory pale in comparison to other Caribbean getaways. You can hike through the El Yunque National Rainforest by day and canoe on the luminescent Mosquito Bay after dark. This paradise is worth the airfare. Read More»

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Why Go: The polite, friendly atmosphere of Savannah is the perfect backdrop for indulging in post-wedding euphoria. Save money on hotel rates by staying outside the city's quaint Historic District. Use your extra cash to ride though the neighborhood's cobblestone streets on a romantic carriage ride. Read More»

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Why Go: Sanibel Island oozes romance. Honeymooners can spend their days "shelling" on the beach or bike riding through J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Since Sanibel stays under the radar, you'll find quality rooms for moderate prices. Read More»

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Why Go: Duos looking for adventure shouldn't pass up a visit to Yellowstone. The country's first national park has diverse terrain for you and your new spouse to explore on foot, on horseback or by car. Plus, you can save money by staying in a cozy tent for two. Read More»

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Why Go: For young lovebirds seeking both beach and party time, Key West serves as an ideal getaway. Should you and your other half feel cramped on the island, embark on a scenic boat ride. The warm weather lasts all year, but for the best bargains, avoid the winter season. Read More»

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Why Go: This Southwestern city possesses an artisan spirit, an overlooked historical feel and some incredible places to stay, making it an ideal spot for doe-eyed lovers. When looking for a bargain, check hotels away from the Plaza. Read More»

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