Best Affordable Destinations in the USA

The United States is home to a wide range of vacation spots that offer one-of-a-kind hotels, restaurants and plenty of things to do at reasonable prices. U.S. News, with the help of expert opinon and reader reviews, ranked the best values America has to offer. We hope this list will help you choose your next affordable domestic destination; vote for your choice getaway below to help shape next year's rankings.

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Why go: Yellowstone is home to breathtaking natural attractions for visitors of all ages. With miles of hiking and skiing paths, erupting hot springs and belching mud pools, adventure-seekers agree that the entrance fee is a small price to pay for a visit to America's oldest national park. Read More»

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Why go: With plenty of natural attractions and low-price camping areas, Yosemite offers refuge for those looking to escape their hectic urban lives. Like Yellowstone, Yosemite offers access to extensive hiking trails and scenery for a small entrance fee, and travelers can avoid high hotel prices by simply packing a tent.  Read More»

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Why go: Low prices are just one of the many perks of planning a trip to this southern city, not to mention picturesque architecture and restaurants dishing out hearty portions of Southern fare. With budget-friendly room rates, there's no excuse not to stay a few extra nights. Read More»

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Why go: Known for offering some of the lowest hotel prices in the South — not to mention some of the most satisfying barbecue in the country — Nashville allows bargain hunters a laid-back getaway filled with down-home fun.  Read More»

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Why go: Although hotel prices are not always budget-friendly, those who are patient can generally find a room to suit both taste and budget. And with a wide variety of things to do, visitors can spend a couple of guilt-free days perusing the dozens of free Smithsonian museums along the National Mall. Read More»

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Why go: New Orleans offers visitors a culturally rich getaway with prices that are much tamer than the city's reputation. Budget hotels are housed in historic buildings, and restaurants serve spicy portions of Cajun and Creole cuisine for a tiny price. Avoid a visit in March; Mardi Gras can be tough on any budget. Read More»

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Why go: There are plenty of fun (and affordable) ways to stay dry in rainy Seattle. Caffeinate at the world's first Starbucks, peruse the Pike Place Market or stretch your legs on the trails in the Olympic Mountains. If you don't mind the cold, you can find some great deals on Emerald City hotels during the winter. Read More»

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Why go: Sitting at the heart of the Lone Star State, Austin's outdoor attractions and notorious nightlife draw crowds from all over the country. A wide variety of lodging and dining options make the quirky "Live Music Capital of the World" a great year-round vacation spot.  Read More»

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Why go: Just because this city boasts a sense of newly found glamour doesn't mean Chicago doesn't cater to the bargain hunter. The Windy City is home to plenty of free attractions like Millennium Park and Navy Pier. And don't worry about spending a fortune on food: A slice of Chicago's renowned deep-dish pizza is very affordable. Read More»

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Why Go: You don't have to worry about overstepping your price limit on a visit to the Adirondacks. In fact, if you're devoted to staying in the Great Outdoors, the cost will come in well under budget. Campgrounds are extremely affordable, while the hiking trails are completely free to explore.  Read More»

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Why go: Home to the legendary Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio is constantly buzzing with things to do. While hotels and restaurants in the heart of the city will charge a pretty penny for their convenient location, you can save on lodging and dining in neighborhoods like King William and Alamo Heights. Read More»

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Why go: Historic mansions and gas-lamp lit streets draw travelers looking for southern-style indulgence at a lower price point. But Charleston's increasing popularity has been driving up hotel and restaurant prices; snag the best deals by visiting in winter months.   Read More»

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Why go: Many travelers come to this city for its manufacturing history, but more and more arrive to explore Pittsburgh's burgeoning art and bar scenes or to join the riotous Steelers crowd at Heinz Field. While the football ticket will be costly, almost everything else will be reasonably priced. Read More»

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Why go: Home to numerous golf courses, beaches and family-friendly attractions, Myrtle Beach's budget-friendly hotels and restaurants make a trip here even more enjoyable. Take advantage of the stay-and-golf deals offered by many Myrtle Beach hotels, or spend time on the city's public beaches. Read More»

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Why go: Puerto Rico has all the perks of a Caribbean getaway for a fraction of the price. Home to numerous all-inclusive resorts, beautiful sandy beaches and plenty of seafood to satisfy your appetite, this American commonwealth is an excellent destination for bargain-hunters looking to stay in the lap of luxury. Read More»

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Why Go: The East Coast doesn't have a Napa Valley equivalent, but Charlottesville, Va., is hoping to come close. You'll find plenty of wineries, like Blenheim Vineyards, and historical attractions like Thomas Jefferson's stunning Monticello. The best part: The hotels here cost a fraction of Napa's exorbitant accommodation prices. Read More»

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