Best Alternative Spring Break Destinations

To help you choose where to take a mid-semester vacation unlike that of your beach-bound peers, U.S. News narrowed down the best alternative spring break spots. These destinations may not carry the same party-hard reputation as other spring break locales, but they still offer plenty of fun activities and nightlife. We rounded up reader votes and expert opinion to help us narrow down this list, which we hope you'll use to plan your next trip. Please vote below to help us rank next year's top spots.

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Why go: While its reputation as a party-centric spring break destination has continued to grow thanks to its affordable resorts and vibrant nightlife, there's much more to Puerto Rico than its festive parties. It's a place where Caribbean, American and Latin flavors collide. Read More»

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Why go: You can certainly find parties along Bourbon Street, but this Mardi Gras mecca also offers ample sightseeing, dining and entertainment options in the French Quarter. And if indulging in Southern fare is your idea of a mid-semester break, New Orleans' renowned jambalaya and Cajun spices will hit the spot.  Read More»

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Why go: This could be the place for you if you've had a particularly brutal exam schedule. If you want to spend your spring break fishing and pampering yourself with some quality R&R, consider booking a flight (or mapping out your road trip) to Destin. Read More»

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Why go: Austin's laid-back vibes, rollicking music scene and sprawling green spaces lure music junkies and nature lovers. If you want to spend your break surrounded by the great outdoors during the day and some excellent live music at night, this Texan city should be at the top of your list. Read More»

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Why go: Myrtle Beach manages to offer warm-weather appeal in March and April, without quite the level of nightlife debauchery that accompanies other spring break spots (though you'll find plenty of college students this time of year). Vacationers can spend time exploring the beachfront or the golf courses. Read More»

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Why go: Las Vegas is the perfect place for high rollers looking to pamper themselves with world-class casinos and a risqué night scene. Here, you'll find plenty of ways to engage in raucous partying. And the best part is that the city can be surprisingly affordable at this time of year. Read More»

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Why go: Mexico is a spring break go-to destination for travelers in search of a sun-soaked party. Tulum, however, is a different kind of beach retreat than it's nearby bretheren, offering quieter sands, low-key accommodations and plenty of Mayan ruins to explore. Read More»

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Why go: Sure, spring break is a reprieve from the grind of classes and exams, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little learning during your travels. And there's more to the city than museums and monuments: D.C. boasts plenty of restaurants and nightlife spots. Read More»

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Why go: If beaches aren't your thing, consider a trip to Yellowstone. Hiking is the favored activity, tents are the lodging of choice and nature abounds at every turn. Take note that the park closes in the winter: Be sure to confirm that service areas are open for business before planning your trip. Read More»

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