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Best Places to Visit in Canada

To help you narrow the scope of where to take your next vacation in Canada, U.S. News compiled a list of the best destinations our northern neighbor has to offer. When evaluating each destination, we considered expert opinions, user votes and a variety of factors, such as affordability, dining and accommodation options, as well as local activities and entertainment. Our list of Canada's top spots includes cities and landscapes, from the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Vote for your favorite destination below to have a say in next year's list.

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Why go: This city is all about sports and embracing the outdoors. Vancouverites spend their days skiing on Grouse Mountain, surfing at Wreck Beach and strolling through Stanley Park. Plus, Vancouver offers plenty of cultural attractions, including museums and outdoor markets. Read More»

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Why go: Montreal is a city of juxtaposition: Skyscrapers rub elbows with the 17th century architecture of Old Montreal, while the familiar sounds of English intermingle with the foreign buzz of French. Boulevard Saint-Laurent is a world-class shopping district by day and a popular party scene by night. Read More»

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Why go: Nestled along the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, this tiny mountain town is a haven for both nature enthusiasts and luxury-seekers. Visitors can spend their days skiing or hiking before retiring to one of the several opulent hotels for some spa therapy and a hearty bison steak. Read More»

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Why go: "Big" doesn't even begin to describe this Ontario city. Composed of numerous cultural pockets (such as Greektown, Little India and Koreatown), Toronto transports you around the globe. With such diversity to experience, you can practically call yourself a world traveler after visiting. Read More»

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Why go: A trip to Europe may not be in your budget, but a visit to Québec City could be. This Canadian city charms its visitors with 17th and 18th century buildings. The aromas of freshly baked bread and brewing espresso fill the cobblestone streets with the essence of Paris. Read More»

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Why go: Whistler encourages adventure travelers to take it up a notch. This Canadian resort town boasts everything from skiing and snowboarding to bungee jumping off bridges. Travelers can spend their down time in Whistler Village enjoying the boutique shops and tasty restaurants. Read More»

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Why go: While Montreal and Québec City honor Canada's French roots, Victoria pays tribute to the country's British heritage. Many visit British Columbia's capital for afternoon tea at the Empress or a tour of Parliament. Others are interested in touring Vancouver Island's wineries and whale-watching from its harbors. Read More»

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Why go: Visitors flock here each year to see the wondrous falls for themselves. With the Niagara River plummeting over the 170-foot drop at up to 68 miles an hour, the falls are this destination's main draw. But the area also offers a variety of other attractions like museums, wineries and casinos. Read More»

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Why go: Canada's capital may not be as big as Toronto or as historic as Montreal, but Ottawa has plenty going for it. The city's small size makes it manageable, its laid-back atmosphere makes it personable, and its springtime tulip blooms make it colorful. Read More»

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