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With about 1,200 miles of coastline, Florida is a year-round escape for many on the East Coast. Plus, the diversity of the shores — from family-friendly to party hardy — helps draw a variety of travelers. Let U.S. News Travel help you pick your next Florida beach vacation.

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Why Go: Midwestern and Southern families flock to "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village" for its white sands and frequent sunshine. Destin is one of Florida's most affordable beach towns, though temperatures, visitor volume and room rates are at their highest in the summer. Read More»

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Why Go: You'll be hard-pressed to find a place in Florida with quieter and calmer shores than Sanibel Island. Here, the pastime is "shelling" — collecting assorted seashells along the sand — rather than partying, making this beach an excellent choice for families. Read More»

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Why Go: Often overlooked for Miami, Fort Lauderdale's less chaotic, less crowded beaches are its greatest asset. Fort Lauderdale is both family- and budget-friendly, offering significantly lower hotel room rates than other nearby Florida beach towns. Read More»

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Why Go: Overflowing with golf courses, gourmet eateries and boutique shops, Naples offers travelers an upscale Florida retreat. The luxury resorts and costly activities make a Naples vacation quite expensive. But luckily, the gorgeous beaches are free. Read More»

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Why Go: It's Miami Beach. This statement should be enough to convince you to go. But, in case you need more of an incentive, here's a list of what you'll find in town: South Beach's smooth sand, gorgeous weather, all-night parties and celebrity sightings. What's not to love? Read More»

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Why Go: West Palm Beach has captured the hearts of millionaires — and it will likely steal yours, too. The shores lack the crowds found farther south in Miami Beach, and you can enjoy the exciting urban developments of downtown West Palm Beach and the classic luxury of Palm Beach. Read More»

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Why Go: This tiny island might be at the end of the Keys, but should also garner a spot at the top of your list. Arrive during a festival and let this little refuge knock your socks off with loud music, jam-packed bars and fascinating people. However, the shores themselves can also be a bit overcrowded. Read More»

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Why Go: Fort Myers may lack the see-and-be-seen sands of Miami Beach or the clean coast of nearby Sanibel Island, but it does feature a unique composition of both saltwater and freshwater. Plus, Fort Myers exudes a small-town feel that many vacationers enjoy. Read More»

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