Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Honeymoon. The very word drips with sweetness and enchantment. Put "European" in front of the word "honeymoon," and you've just kicked the romance up a notch. Europe conjures up an unmistakable faraway allure. For all these reasons and more, we think Europe gratifies honeymooners over and over, and we believe it's an awesome place to spend the first few days of marital bliss.

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Why Go: Crete honeymooners bask in the sun and splash in the warm waters. And the island's varied geography caters to hikes in the mountains and walks on the beaches. When you're not strolling hand in hand, indulge in the delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Read More»

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Why Go: Santorini lures newlyweds with its breathtaking scenery. Spend your honeymoon strolling past white-washed buildings, climbing craggy cliffs and swimming in the Aegean Sea. Plus, the divine seafood dinners and enchanting hotels make for an unforgettable trip. Read More»

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Why Go: What's more romantic than Shakespeare? Corfu is said to have inspired the dramatic backdrop for "The Tempest." Look out for Glyfada Beach with its epic rock formations. Also, Corfu's dramatic landscape — with its rolling olive groves — yields some tasty cuisine. Read More»

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Why Go: Anyone who has seen the "City of Light" fade into night by the glittering Eiffel Tower, sipped French wine at a cafe or strolled the city's cobbled streets can attest to Paris' inherent romance. And if you're looking for a luxurious place to stay, Paris hotels are "la crème de la crème." Read More»

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Why Go: Tuscany's rolling landscape is strewn with grape vines, olive groves and luxurious villas. Couples savor this blessed Italian region by simply eating, drinking and being merry. For newlyweds who prefer cypress trees and leafy vineyards to sandy beaches, Tuscany makes an idyllic retreat. Read More»

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Why Go: The City of Water may conjure up images of singing gondoliers on the Grand Canal, but there's much more to Venice than enchanting scenery and narrow canals. You and your amore can tour the Venetian sites by day, and savor vino and vongole by night. Read More»

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Why Go: On this vibrant Italian island, you get both a laid-back vibe and a cosmopolitan rush. You can laze on the beach one day and explore vibrant towns the next. And the food — oh, the food! With fresh Italian ingredients, Sicilian cuisine will make you weak in the knees. Read More»

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Why Go: Yes, it's the setting of the famous film festival, but Cannes is also a picturesque getaway for starry-eyed honeymooners. The city mixes cosmopolitan charm with shimmering sands to enchant lovebirds who've landed on France's southern coast. Read More»

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Why Go: Insider tip: The Adriatic Sea is the new Mediterranean, and Dubrovnik is its unofficial capital. Poet Lord Byron even called this city "the pearl of the Adriatic." And with its sparkling marble streets and Baroque buildings, its easy to see why. Read More»

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Why Go: Lisbon may get passed over for more popular European destinations, but this hilly city — with its limestone edifices and serpentine streets — is Old World European romance at its finest. Plus, the Cascais beaches are simply divine. Read More»

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Why Go: For a honeymoon that's a complete break from the ordinary, head to Iceland. No, you won't be sunning on the beach, but isn't a soak in a geothermal spa with the Aurora Borealis shimmering overhead just as (or even more) romantic? Read More»

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Why Go: Want to be on the forefront of Euro honeymoon travel? Then head to Central Dalmatia. This scenic part of Croatia hosts a unique mix of new luxury resorts and old Roman edifices. But book now: This beautiful region won't stay a secret for long. Read More»

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Why Go: If you want to go all out on the French Riviera, then Nice could be your perfect spot. For decades, this town has attracted the rich and famous with its prized (yet pebbly) beaches, lavish hotels and swanky casinos. Plus, the weather forecast typically calls for sunshine. Read More»

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Why Go: Although the temperatures remain rather low throughout much of the year, Edinburgh's winding alleyways, gorgeous five-star hotels (like the Balmoral) and quaint neighborhoods make it a lovely choice for couples celebrating their nuptials. Read More»

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Why Go: For Americans, Monaco is almost synonymous with Grace Kelly, the iconic actress who married a European prince. And this magical spot can be a fairy-tale city for honeymooners, too. Here, you can lounge along Larvotto Beach's sparkling sands and repose in your lavish hotel. Read More»

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