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Best Romantic European Getaways

Europe's romantic appeal comes in the form of majestic cities, cozy restaurants and winding walkways. In addition to expert opinion and user votes, U.S. News evaluated each city's couple-friendly accommodations, activities, dining and overall beauty to rank the most romantic spots in Europe. Cast your vote for your favorite couples retreat below and start planning your escape.

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Why go: Tucked amid Tuscany's hills, Florence tempts couples with its overwhelming beauty. There is plenty to see, including the famous Uffizi Gallery. But rather than stay inside, snap a picture on the Ponte Vecchio, wander in the lush Boboli Gardens or stop for a memorable meal. Read More»

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Why go: The City of Love is one of the most romantic places on earth. You and your amour can stroll along the River Seine, dine at elegant French restaurants and tour iconic museums. Plus, the Eiffel Tower only gets more enchanting when it flickers at night. Read More»

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Why go: While here, you're bound to get some incredible couples photos. Bring a camera along as you spend your days lounging on Santorini's red beaches and sipping wine at one of the island's vineyards. And don't forget to snap pictures of Oia's gorgeous sunsets. Read More»

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Why go: This Greek island offers couples a spectrum of experiences, from outdoorsy to leisurely. By day, adventure-seekers can explore the palm-lined forests in Lasithi while beach-combers stretch along pristine shores. At night, grab a table at a traditional taverna. Read More»

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Why go: Venice is a maze of cobblestones and villas, all of which float above water. Scenic canals strew the city, and these are best traversed by boat. But remember that the city plays upon its romantic charm and charges steep prices for rooms and gondola rides. Read More»

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Why go: Falling in love with Vienna is easy. The narrow streets and Baroque palaces of this European city can be seductive. Couples can canoodle while strolling through the Schonbrunn Palace or wandering in and out of streetside coffee shops. Read More»

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Why go: Nicknamed "the Paris of the East," Budapest is an ideal place for lovebirds looking for an exotic retreat. Brimming with history, art and elegance, Budapest allures couples with its thermal baths. Plus, Budapest boasts an eclectic food scene. Read More»

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Why go: Prague is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Here, you and your better half can wander through quaint historical squares, past majestic castles and along the romantic Charles Bridge. But book your tickets soon; this romantic capital won't be a bargain for long. Read More»

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Why go: It may not be as flashy as Paris, but that's what makes Aix-en-Provence so alluring. Carve out some time for unwinding at Aix's cozy cafes, or indulge with a soak at the Thermes Sextius before enjoying a romantic seafood dinner. Read More»

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Why go: This Scottish city is known for its inspiring setting. Castles from bygone eras sit brush up against verdant hills, which offer scenic hikes for the adventurous duo. There are also plenty of spots for luxury-seekers, from spas to high-end hotels. Read More»

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