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Best Spring Vacations

Many popular vacation spots see a dip in tourist traffic between the summer and winter high seasons, meaning you can enjoy mild temperatures along with lower rates and less crowds. Based on traveler and expert recommendations, U.S. News compiled a list of the top spring escapes known for their seasonal deals and festivals. We invite you to explore the top destinations and vote for your favorite spots.

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Why go: Every April, St. Thomas offers the perfect remedy from post-winter malaise: Carnival. With its food fair, festive parades and ornate costumes, this island-wide party is one of the best in the Caribbean, Also, with the peak season over, airfare and hotel rates see a significant drop. Read More»

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Why go: In the spring, you can watch the city replace its winter layers with blooms as you bike along Amsterdam's canals. In March, admire tulips at the annual Keukenhof flower festival. And in April, check out the outdoor parties taking place in honor of King's Day. Read More»

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Why go: Why not skip the summer vacation tradition and visit this Arizona wonder in the springtime? You'll have easy access to stunning lookout points along the South Rim, plus you should be able to find discounts on airfare and lodging. Read More»

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Why go: Warm, sunny days bring this outdoorsy city back to life, making spring an excellent time to stretch your legs in Stanley Park. Vibrant spring festivals bring locals and visitors out of their winter gloom. Plus, this is the time to score the best deals on hotel rooms before the peak summer season. Read More»

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Why go: The nation's capital experiences mild temperatures in the spring, but the city's main draw this time of year is the thousands of cherry trees that burst into bloom along the tidal basin. More than a million visitors flock to D.C. every year to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival. Read More»

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Why go: In the springtime, spectators can admire San Diego's main attractions at their best. The city's blooms are on display at the annual Coronado Flower Show, one of the largest flower shows on the West Coast. And the San Diego Zoo hosts several family-friendly festivals in April and May. Read More»

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Why go: Springtime in Paris is cliché for a reason. Sure, T-shirt weather hasn't quite arrived, but the city slowly awakens from its winter slumber. Once again, the book-sellers return to their boîtes (displays) along the Seine, streets fill with local food markets and cafe patios open so that visitors can enjoy coffee and croissants outside. Read More»

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Why go: Most Carnival crowds will have come and gone by April, and thanks to pleasant weather, hiking through Tijuca National Park and strolling Santa Teresa's charming cobblestone streets become even more appealing. Read More»

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Why go: Our spring (Cape Town's autumn) ushers in fall foliage and thin crowds, making it an idyllic time to visit. History buffs can admire Robben Island's rich heritage and outdoorsy types can tackle Table Mountain. Plus, beachgoers will still find plenty of sun along Clifton Beach. Read More»

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Why go: Spring is one of the best times to experience Athens: You can expect bright, sunny days, and Athenians have yet to flee from imposing summer tourists. Just make sure to pack a jacket; this seaside city experiences winds that the Greeks describe as "having teeth." Read More»

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Why go: Spring is the last time to snatch up deals from Bermuda's winter hangover. Lower rates will allow you to truly take advantage of the beaches and expansive golf courses. The waters may be cold, but the laissez-faire vibe will rejuvenate even the weariest traveler. Read More»

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Why go: This Florida retreat is great to experience in the spring, particularly because temperatures hover around the pleasant 70s and 80s most days. Plus, lines at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center haven't reached the winding lengths of peak summer season. Read More»

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Why go: Charleston's cobblestone walks and moss-covered trees delight visitors year-round, but in spring, the city glows. Lowcountry fare is widely served and pleasant temperatures attract beach bums to the nearby shore.  Read More»

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Why go: This Mediterranean metropolis boasts year-round appeal. But for pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, come in the spring before visitors arrive for the Grand Prix. Travelers can test Lady Luck at the elegant Monte-Carlo Casino, while sun-seekers can relax on Larvotto Beach. Read More»

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Why go: Warmer temperatures and sunny weather bring the famous Japanese cherry blossoms out to bloom in the spring. The city also comes alive for four national holidays during Golden Week and seasonal cuisine shifts to lighter fare. Read More»

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