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Crowds, noise and proximity to things like amusement parks, casinos and airports can detract from a beach's zen ambiance. U.S. News considered these factors – in addition to reader feedback and insight from travel experts – to determine the most relaxing beaches the world has to offer. Please vote for your favorite place to unwind below.

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Why go: The British Virgin Islands host numerous remote beaches. Standouts include Brewers Bay and Cane Garden Bay on Tortola, and Devil's Bay on Virgin Gorda. But the truth is, just about any BVI stretch of sand will bolster the "get-away-from-it-all" mentality. Read More»

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Why go: "Relaxing" doesn't even begin to describe the Fijian sands; "unreal" and "to-die-for" are much more accurate terms. From many of Fiji's beaches, you'll see lush green terrain in one direction and crystal blue water in another. Read More»

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Why go: Kauai boasts quite a few opportunities to enjoy a quiet day at the beach. You can pack a picnic lunch and head to Hanakapi'ai Beach or you can catch the sunset along Lumahai. For swimming and sunbathing, it's hard to compete with the calm waves of Hanalei Bay. Read More»

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Why go: Anguilla offers seclusion to the extreme, best experienced on its sandy edges. Shoal Bay East is one of the most famous beaches on the island, but head to Barnes Bay or Rendezvous Bay in the southwest for a more remote day on the shore. Read More»

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Why go: This volcanic island in French Polynesia has a philosophy called "Aita pea pea," which translates to "not to worry." Add that to the seclusion of the South Pacific and the teal-tinted sea and you've got the perfect recipe for a soothing, if expensive, getaway. Read More»

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Why go: This group of islands located in the Indian Ocean is known for towering palm trees, calm blue waters and massive rock formations. Even during the busy season, the cluster of 115 remote islands never feels crowded. Read More»

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Why go: The Big Island is less crowded than other Hawaiian islands. For ideal shorelines, you have your pick of Hapuna Beach (one of the best and only white-sand spots here) and Kiholo Beach, which has wildlife and scenery to admire. Read More»

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Why go: If you're seeking relaxation on the Greek island of Corfu, your best bet probably lies on the beaches in the remote but accessible south. However, popular spots like Glyfada Beach and Myrtiotissa Beach have plenty of sand on which you can stake your claim. Read More»

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Why go: Colorful, sandy beaches, an affinity for red wine and friendly locals all add to the casual, laid-back atmopshere of this Greek isle. When you're not soaking up sun or taking a dip in the hot springs, history buffs will appreciate the ancient ruins tucked away in small towns. Read More»

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Why go: On Lanai, you're bound to adopt Hawaii's laissez-faire lifestyle. This is made much easier by the two resorts (both Four Seasons properties) and the numerous isolated beaches. Polihua and Shipwreck beaches on the north side of the island offer the most seclusion. Read More»

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Why go: With calypso music or the simple rustle of palm leaves echoing in the background, the beaches of Barbados serenade visitors with their own tunes. Bathsheba Beach and Welches Beach are two that offer ample opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Read More»

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