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Best Times to Visit Reykjavik

The best time to visit Reykjavik is from June to August — not only can you enjoy the balmy temps (for Iceland, at least), but you'll also experience long days (think: nearly 24 hours of sunlight in late June to early July ... a phenomenon dubbed "midnight sun"). If you're looking to save some Icelandic krona, you'll be able to do so in the winter; but those who also wrestle with seasonal affective disorder might reconsider: the sun only peeks out for three or four hours in December and January.

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Reykjavik Temperature (°F)
Reykjavik Temperature (°C)

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Reykjavik Precipitation (mm)

By far the warmest time of year, summertime is also the brightest season with nearly 24 hours of sunlight at the end of June and into July. However, you'll pay for this loveliness with a hotel rate that's nearly double its usual price. You should also keep in mind that by warm, we mean highs average in the mid-50s. 

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This month sees temperatures descending into the lower 40s, but hotel rates will also plummet now that the summer peak season is finished. You'll also encounter fewer tourists. 


Long nights and temperatures in the 20s and 30s characterize Iceland's winter. However, the slashed prices on airfare and hotel rooms might make it worth the dark atmosphere and cold climate.  

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May might still see some snow on the ground, but the days will be getting longer and the temperatures will be rising. Plus, the prices for flights and hotels won't be as high as they will be in June.

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