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Keep in Mind...

  • Part of the Dodecanese Rhodes is the largest of this chain of twelve isles in the Aegean Sea. Some other popular Dodecanesean stopovers include Symi, Patmos and Kasos.
  • How to Get Around Although riding the public bus system is the cheapest way to sightsee, it can be frustrating and untimely. We suggest guided private daytrips from Faliraki or Rhodes Town, which are easier and time saving.
  • All hail Easter! Easter is by far the most widely observed and celebrated holiday in Greece (even over Christmas). Rhodes natives host raucous festivities during the entire week before. It's a great time to visit, so plan ahead.

When you’re a Greek isle, finding your niche can be tough -- there's lots of competition and lots of crumbling pillars. Most specialize: Mykonos nurtures a reputation as the party heavyweight; Santorini, the romantic favorite; Crete, the historic mecca. Drawing visitors can be particularly difficult for isles that are both far from other popular Greek islands and from the mainland. Still, you shouldn't fear for small Rhodes.

The legendary Colossus of Rhodes -- a gigantic statue of the Greek god Helios and one of the original Seven Wonders of the World -- once guarded the Rhodes Town harbor, announcing the island's wealth and power to approaching travelers. Although the towering figure was brought to its knees by a powerful earthquake centuries ago, Rhodes has been slowly rising on her own feet in the Aegean. With a historic medieval town, multiple Ancient Greek acropolises, an Eden-esque Valley of the Butterflies, pebble and sand beaches (depending on your preference) and a nearby chain of 11 other islands to explore; Rhodes' historical and geographic diversity surpasses any other Greek isle.

How To Save Money in Rhodes

  • Avoid resort charges Many hotels will charge you for taking towels to the beach. Try packing your own and guarding against petty fees.
  • Avoid people that approach you on the street Particularly in the summer, when some will prey on tourists' naivety. If someone tries to give you a trinket, politely decline and keep walking. Otherwise, you might have to pay them several euros for useless junk.
  • Avoid losing spare change No, we don't mean patching up that hole in your pocket (although that's a good idea). We mean don't lose your money in Casino Rodos. A visit to this grand hotel can be fun, fancy and detrimental to your budget.

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