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Known as the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), this glimmering Brazilian metropolis has certainly earned its title. Lined with white-sand beaches, lush rainforests, and staggered green mountains, Rio de Janeiro boasts dramatic views from nearly every angle. From the slopes of Corcovado Mountain, you'll admire the striking 125-foot tall Christ the Redeemer, who overlooks Rio's pristine beaches flanked by sun-seekers. And from Rio's sun-drenched shores along Copacabana and Ipanema, you'll admire the ... continue»

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When to Visit Rio de Janeiro

The best time to visit Rio is between December and March when the weather is warm and sunny enough to hit the beaches. The city's seductive samba beat and incredible panoramic views last year-round, but arrive in February or early March to experience Carnival. This four-day festival brings thousands visitors and locals to the streets and occurs in the days just before Fat Tuesday. Finding an affordable place to stay during Carnival can be difficult; you should consider booking your hotel and flight up to a year in advance. Between January and March, daytime temperatures can sometimes surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer more moderate conditions, visit during spring (September and October) when temps falls back to the 70s during the day and the 60s at night.

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Getting Around Rio de Janeiro

The best way to get around Rio is by foot or taxi. Major attractions, such as Lapa and Santa Teresa, can easily be reached on foot from. Other popular sites and beaches are easy to reach by taxi, and fortunately taxis are easy to hail on the city's main streets. For a hassle-free means of transportation from Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG), you'll want to catch a taxi. The subway is another efficient and affordable way to get around, but routes are limited. City buses are also convenient, but unfamiliar riders can be thrown off by the non-English-speaking bus drivers. Keep in mind many bus routes branch into Brazil's notoriously unsafe favelas, which you'll want to avoid. Renting a car probably isn't the best mode of transportation, as traffic is heavy and the roads are packed with disorienting street signs and pedestrians.  

Getting Around Rio de Janeiro»

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