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Saint John, New Brunswick Travel Guide

Saint John, New Brunswick
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Saint John, New Brunswick may not give the best first impression: The city's skyline is dominated by shipping terminals and oil tanks, while decades of industrialization have left behind a somewhat gritty appearance. But don't be too quick to dismiss New Brunswick's largest city. Beyond the factories lies a vibrant downtown area where remnants of the Victorian era enhance the scenery. History lives on in the heart of Saint John with sites ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Saint John, New Brunswick

The best times to visit Saint John are April to May and September to October. These shoulder seasons offer mild weather, a colorful landscape (with blooming flowers and changing leaves) and low room rates. Summer is by far the most popular time to visit Saint John thanks to its warmer temperatures and abundant festivals, but heavy crowds can turn the exploration of the rather small downtown area into a test of patience. You'll have the city all to yourself if you visit during the wintertime, but icy sea breezes will keep you confined to the underground passageways and overhead walkways of The Inside Connection.

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Getting Around Saint John, New Brunswick

The best ways to get around Saint John are on foot and by car. Many of the city's most popular attractions can be found within its concentrated downtown and are within walking distance of one another. But if you are planning to visit sites outside of the city proper -- like Fundy National Park -- you will need your own set of wheels. You can find major rental agencies in town and at the Saint John Airport (YSJ), which is located about 10 miles northeast of town. If you don't want to spend money on a rental car, you can rely on the city's bus system to get around.

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