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Golden Gate Bridge free

Lincoln Boulevard, near Doyle Drive and Fort Point | San Francisco, CA 94129 | Official website
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  • Type: Sightseeing
  • Time to Spend: 1 to 2 hours
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The Golden Gate Bridge's vaulting, orange arches amidst the rocky seascape of the San Francisco Bay have made it the West Coast's most enduring symbol and the city's most popular tourist attraction. The bridge's name, "Golden Gate," actually refers to the body of water it spans (the Golden Gate Strait that connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay) along with the brilliant reflection of sun it casts upon the bay's inlet — just west of the bridge.

Visitors say this classic landmark is an awe-inspiring sight no matter how you decide to enjoy it. "Whether you want to look at it from afar, ride across it in a car, walk or bike across it — take it in from all of the vantage points," said one TripAdvisor user.

The bridge is accessible all day every day by bus, car, bicycle or on foot. If you drive, parking is convenient (but limited) and accessible on both the north and south ends of the bridge. The Northeast Side Parking Lot is free up to four hours, while the Southeast Side Visitor Parking Lot costs about $1 an hour. Souvenir shops and public restrooms also lie on either side of the bridge.

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