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  • Excursions nearby San Jose is close to the beaches of Santa Cruz (a 40-minute drive), the sights of San Francisco (one hour), the vineyards of Napa Valley (90 minutes) and the luxuries of Monterey (90 minutes).
  • Downtown is a bit quiet Unless there's a festival or conference, downtown San Jose doesn't really bustle. If you want nightlife, plan on heading over to Santana Row.
  • Great Local Wines You might be outside of Napa, but you're still in one of California's prized wine-producing areas. If you have time, head to one of the local wineries.

San Jose has quietly gone about the business of developing and expanding to become larger in both size and population than its northern neighbor, San Francisco. This sprawling capital of Silicon Valley even skirts the misty overcast and rain that characterizes the Bay Area. On the surface, greater San Jose hosts cookie-cutter housing developments, tech company parks and commercial subdivisions that stretch along the city's main arteries. But San Jose is turning into more than just the playground of software engineers. Look around downtown and you'll find a little character -- sites like the San Jose Museum of Art exhibits pieces by local artists and the Tech Museum of Innovation features hands-on technology exhibits. Venues like the HP Pavilion and California Theater bring in world-class performers. And with a theme park and a trendy shopping street, California's original capital is shaping up to be fun for the whole family.

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