Getting Around Santa Fe

The best way to get around Santa Fe is on foot. Driving is too much of a hassle -- as actor and comedian Will Rogers once said, "Whoever designed this town did so while riding on a jackass backwards and drunk." On foot, you can get your bearings and take advantage of the free walking tours provided by the Santa Fe Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Although a car will be necessary to explore the surrounding areas, you should park it when you get into town. Reaching town, however, can be a challenge, since Santa Fe doesn't have a large airport. Most out-of-state travelers use Albuquerque International Sunport Airport (ABQ), which is more than 60 miles away.

For a higher ticket price, you can fly into Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SAF), which is located just outside the Southwestern city's limits. However, American Eagle Airlines and Delta Air Lines are the only commercial carriers to serve SAF.

On Foot

If you are in Santa Fe, you came to see the outdoors and the art. Both attractions are best enjoyed up close and not behind the window of a vehicle. The dense historical sections of downtown, where many of the galleries and Spanish colonial structures are located, cater to pedestrians. Don't forget about the free walking tours.


Santa Fe's driving conditions can be explained in the following equation: Convoluted roads plus lost drivers plus rush hour traffic equals a huge mess. What's the solution? Get out of your car as soon as you are within walking distance of your destination. Also note: Santa Fe Plaza is used to orient many visiting drivers. If you are lost, ask someone how to get there, and then you'll be near most of the attractions.

Public Transport

Santa Fe Trails Transit operates seven city bus routes that are tourist-friendly and conveniently run in and out of downtown. Commuter rail service is also available by the New Mexico Rail Runner Express, which connects Santa Fe to downtown Albuquerque and Belen, N.M.

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