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Picture an easygoing seaside town: There are surfers riding the waves and beach bums lazing on the sands. Add to this landscape a horizon jagged with skyscrapers and iconic landmarks like an out-of-this-world opera house and a famously stunning bridge. Then, you must paint in the cosmopolitans—they're sun-kissed and fashion-forward, making their way to photo shoots, architecture firms and cafés. And of course you must hear their conversation: Even their English is ... continue» Read More

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When to Visit Sydney

The best times to visit Sydney are late September to early December and late February to April. These months skirt Sydney's high and low seasons, giving visitors comfortable temperatures and manageable tourist crowds. Because Australia sits in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney's warmest weather and peak tourist season occurs from late December to early February (the start of America's winter). Consequently, its low season is May through August.

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Getting Around Sydney

The best way to get around Sydney is by CityRail — specifically the City Circle line, which stops at a number of the city's best things to do. Although the bus system has routes that crisscross the city, any traveling done on four wheels is at the mercy of Sydney traffic. We recommend rental cars for driving to and from the city, but not inside its boundaries, since traffic is heavy and Aussies drive on the other side of the road, which can be confusing to American visitors. Walking is, of course, a wonderful way to explore any city, but Sydney is much too large to be done on foot alone. And a trip on a ferry is a must-do for the views alone.

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