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Home to some impressive antebellum architecture, an extensive Native American mission and its own mastodon skeleton; Tallahassee thrives on history. So here's a little bit of historical trivia for you: This northwestern Florida city was named the state capital in 1824 because of its location smack dab between two major cities of that time, St. Augustine and Pensacola. Nearly 200 years later, it's still a literal and figurative go-between: Between the super sizzling ... continue» Read More

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The best time to visit Tallahassee is anytime, really. There is no high or low season when it comes to room rates or flight deals, and the city is far enough away from the coast that it doesn't have the Spring Break appeal of other Panhandle locales. However, you should know that temperatures fluctuate between the low 40s and mid 60s in winter and the low 70s and low 90s in summer. And the area hotels' availability is largely determined by the school calendar: Rooms fill quickly for football weekends and graduation.

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