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Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv
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First things first: Tel Aviv is not Jerusalem. Although they're only 44 miles apart, Tel Aviv lacks the historic significance of the Holy City. In place of religious sites and ancient ruins, Tel Aviv ("TA" for those in-the-know) features world-class beaches and a rip-roaring nightlife. Forget tradition: Here, Friday nights are devoted to reveling rather than reflecting, and kosher cuisine is overshadowed by a wealth of international culinary delights. continue» Read More

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When to Visit Tel Aviv

The best times to visit Tel Aviv are March through April and September through November. Spring and fall mark this city's "sweet" tourism spots, boasting pleasant temperatures and affordable prices. Despite intense heat, most travelers head to Tel Aviv during the summer months, determined to return home with a tan. Between May and August, expect inflated prices. The winter months also see a spike in tourism as travelers from northern countries (particularly in Europe) come to thaw.

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Getting Around Tel Aviv

The best way to get around Tel Aviv is by bike. The city landscape is relatively flat, and many of the top attractions are located fairly close to one another, making it easy to navigate on two wheels. Buses run frequently (although less so on Fridays and Saturdays during the Sabbath) and offer an affordable way to get from downtown Tel Aviv to neighborhoods like Jaffa. For cheap (albeit slow) transportation to Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV), located about 11 miles southeast of downtown, you should rely on the train. You can also take a taxi from the airport; you'll get into town more quickly, but you'll pay much more than you would on the bus.

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